Expect the unexpected

It’s all about you 

From Dusk till Dawn


Cool and full of fire

Welcome to the daily madness, to the limits of the impossible, and to the hometown of unique. We’ll lay our dazzling world at your feet and surprise you each day anew with the extraordinary. Stay with us & expect the unexpected! 


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It’s high time to show your true colours

it's a kind of magic!

Authentic Tyrol. Only more colourful and a lot crazier.

It's a tad bit maddening perhaps, but it’s never too colourful for us. We prefer the path less travelled and to go our own way. We don’t fit into conventional categories and what we do can’t be classified in stars. 

In the name of the flame

Let us introduce to you the one and only, the burning legend, the symbol of craziness - the Raffl's Flaming Star. Beware: Our star symbolizes the brilliant Raffl's Spirit. To this day, we have yet to encounter a star better suited to express our vibrancy.

Say hello to the shrillest rooms in all of Arlberg. 

Strange, gaudy, dramatic - where there is room for vibrancy, we grab the colour wheel and give it a spin. Wherever there's room for crazy ideas, well, the results speak for themselves. When it comes to our rooms, there is plenty to say. But we recommend you take a look for yourself. After all, you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

A world of pleasure lurks around every corner. Trust us.

The best people are those with a healthy appetite. (Apart from those who make the food of course.) If you are such a person, or want to become one, then you’ve landed in paradise with us. Pleasure. On. Every. Corner. And. We. Mean. Every.

We are burning passion. 24/7. 

There's something for which our hearts truly blaze. It's the passion for what we do: Ensuring that your holiday is extraordinary, unforgettable, and smoulderingly fantastic.

Ski, snow, style. In St. Anton, where else? 

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die. St. Anton, the "Legend on the Arlberg", has penned a history famed around the globe. And to this day, and every day that follows, a never-ending sequel full of new adventures, records and anecdotes is being written. Time to reopen the book and write your own story in St. Anton.

Life is way too short to eat bad food.

Did you know that calories don't count on holidays? It's a rule ordained by the hedonistic god of pleasure. And so the eleventh commandment was issued: the sheer bounty of our restaurants should be heavenly seductive, not to mention sinfully good.

Here, on the edge of madness, off the beaten track, a culinary world of vibrant experiences, abstract forms and fine aromas awaits you. Your taste buds will blossom, your fingers will be sticky, and your heart will take flight at Seven Sky. Every day, you have the choice between Seven Sky, featuring  exclusive delicacies, or fondue and raclette, the Tyrolean expression of culinary joie de vivre, at the Sticky Fingers restaurant. And just a few steps away from the Tyrolhotel, your palate will be kidnapped into a world of love and luxury at Raffl's Eat Art in the St. Antoner Hof

A room envisioned just for you

We will transform each of your days with us into an extraordinary memory. We won't stop at anything - not even the nights can hold us back. In our rooms, you’ll slumber deeply and dream of all the fantasies we can make real. When it comes to room furnishings: The fancier the better.

Discover our Rooms

Enjoy Original Style

It's all a question of style. And we have many creative answers. There are no lengths to which we will not go in pursuit of design excellence: We combine the traditional with the beautiful and the extraordinary, the old with the new, to create the unexpected. And that, dear friends, is what you should always expect from us anyway.

Take a good look

Chill out

We are so much more than just a wellness temple! We are a world of experience, which translates into instant relaxation to the power of two: One wellness lounge in the house, one just across the street. This is how we holiday in Raffl's style!