All in one experience

Separating ourselves from the masses yet remaining firmly grounded. By keeping to the path less travelled, we have forged our own way forward with an off-balance cross between detail-loving scurrility and typical Tyrolean cosiness.

It smells like Raffl Spirit.

Explaining how we tick is easy: We don't want to meet expectations. We want to exceed them. And because the best things in life happen unexpectedly, we’ll surprise you with the unexpected. Daily.

Seven Sky Restaurant im Raffl's Tyrolhotel in St. Anton am

Lovingly selected details, extravagant design and a pinch of flower power create a special mixture of unusual elegance and homely cosiness.

Come as you are.

Little sins. Great pleasure.

Kulinarik im Raffl's Tyrolhotel in St. Anton am Arlberg

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.” - Mark Twain, a regular at the Tyrolhotel, had he not died so young. For us, enjoyment is an art form expressed by our kitchen. And while all the world is a stage, ours is your plate. After all, it would be a real shame if we had to limit ourselves to just one art form, so we have decided for variety, diversity and choice. We not so humbly invite you to enjoy a range of culinary experiences at our restaurants and bars in the Tyrolhotel and in the St. Antoner Hof.

Come in and stay a while.

Cosy, comfortable, modern and colourful - because opposites attract. The diversity of the extraordinary casts a magical spell. We eschew the standardized and the exchangeable wherever possible.

Sticky Fingers Fondue & Raclette Restaurant im Raffl's Tyrolhote

Four stars, five stars,... we have only one star: you. And we let you feel that. With our legendary service we fulfil every wish. Word of honour.