The Hells Club


Welcome to Hells on Earth: Your very own private venue of perpetual fire that’s perfect for private parties and a devilishly good time. Hells yeah! Enter Hells Kitchen and experience the delicious delights of this wicked inferno along with your guests or employees. Whether for weddings, birthdays or incentives, at Hells Club every second you spend here will be hotter than hell, sweeter than heaven and un-for-get-able. So, what the devil are you waiting for?

We don’t mean to be rude, but go to Hells!

the door to hell

Hells Club is St. Anton’s hottest address for heavenly flavours and hellaciously good private events, enjoyed in style at our spacious dining hall. Celebrate at Hells Club and say to hell with mediocrity.

feel the heat

The hottest parties are celebrated here and the best events burn brightest where the fire meets the brimstone: Hells Club is THE venue to celebrate the most infernal parties until hell freezes over.

The Hells Club

To Hells in a handbasket?